Roof Repairs Glasgow

Are You Looking For The Roofing Company in Glasgow?

Glasgow’s unpredictable weather means that lots of roofs get damaged on a regular basis.

This could happen through high winds in a storm loosening some tiles or slates off or wear and tear causing cement to come loose or ice causing cracks to appear in tiles, slates or the roof joints.

This is a serious problem for you the homeowner as if the property is no longer weather resistant then water can leak through into the structural components of the building and cause all sorts of damage.

The wood can rot making the building unsafe. Roughcasting can fall off leaving the building even more exposed to the elements and looking unsightly. Plasterboard in your walls and internal ceilings can sag, fall off or be left with holes in them.

Unfortunately, this is the tip of the iceberg.

Honestly take my word for it. You need a roof that is watertight and fit for purpose.

It is always best to get your roof repair done as soon as possible.

Here at Essence Roofing Glasgow we regularly undertake the following works for customers:

  • Flat Roof Repairs
  • Late Roof Repairs
  • Tile Roof Repairs
  • Pointing
  • Chimney Stack repair and repointing
  • and much more

Now with the heights involved and the fact that most houses have pitched roofs (roofs at an angle) this work is best left to experts who know how to safely and properly do any repairs required to your roof.

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How do we identify problems with roofs in Glasgow homes?

Well firstly we will do an external survey from the ground to see if any tiles or slates are missing or damaged. We may also look at the pointing of the ridges on the roof and the quality of the lead work and if there is any damage to the lead work.

We may also use heavy duty ladders and possibly specialist roof ladders to do a closer expert inspection to see in detail all the above-mentioned points as well as other factors and assess what works are required and how serious a requirement they are.

Another type of inspection we regularly do is a loft survey as quite often this shows very quickly the extent of any potential damage to the property. Especially if the loft ceiling is sagging, is wet, or you can see daylight coming through.

We may also check the internal vents in the property to make sure that any steam that enters them is going straight outside and isn’t ending up in the loft where the water build up over time can cause all sorts of mould and rot do develop which is never a good thing for your home.

Checking the gutters of a property can also be very important in determining the level and extent of any damage as they will quite often collect components of the roof that have come loose.

Also if the gutters are not draining water away from the property then this may be a warning sign as a build up of water anywhere in these kind of areas can be a strong indicator of future problems.

Having surveyed the property thoroughly and taken on board your feedback we will recommend any potential repairs or in some cases replacement.

We always do our best to give you honest advice and never mislead customers into unnecessary repairs or replacing a whole roof.

At the end of the day we always stress to our customers that it is their choice what they want to do and our job to guide them as best as we can.

We always look to prevent problems from occurring and do our best to keep your repair bill in the realms of what would be reasonably expected for high quality work.

You have in most cases spent a lot of money buying your home but if you neglect this very important part of the maintenance and general upkeep of the property it can cause you to lose far more money than what you can save by not taking care of your roof.

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