Roughcasting Glasgow

Roughcasting is a very common choice of external wall coating in Glasgow and Scotland.

In fact, rough casting along with pebble dashing may be the most popular choice of wall coating for homes in Scotland today. Many new build homes are being built with roughcasting as the external finish of choice.

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What is roughcasting?

Roughcasting is a coating on the external walls of the property which can last up to 20 years in optimal conditions.

The materials which make up roughcast is usually a combination of pebbles and gravel combined with concrete (or plaster) which is then applied to the walls as a wet mixture which eventually turns dry to form an irregular patterned surface.

This, of course, also further waterproofs the property and increases the longevity of the building.

Not to mention it basically gives the house a facelift and can give a tired looking home a fresher look.

What is pebble dashing?

A similar but different external coating is called pebbledash.

This is when a soft cement finish is applied to a wall and pebbles or gravel are thrown at the wall. The pebbles stick to the wall giving a unique finish.

What are some of the features and advantages of both types of coating?

With both methods you end up with a irregular patterned but appealing finish on the exterior walls.

This is especially so with rough casting. Roughcast applied by an inexperienced individual can be a big mistake. A level of skill is vital in applying the material consistently to get a good final look. If rough casting is applied unevenly you end up with weaknesses in the coating which can cause problems later on.

Also with both types of coating you have great flexibility with regards to your choice of colour.

Another point to note is that both options are quite cost effective and this point may explain -to some extent -why both types of coating are very popular in Scotland.

Roughcasting repair In Glasgow

We also offer roughcasting repair and pebble dashing repair in Glasgow. If sections of your rough casting or pebble dashing have become damaged then do give us a call and we will do our best to give you a quote for a repair which can blend in with the existing roughcast/pebbledash.

We are experts in rough casting and pebble dashing. Our trained and experienced workmen have completed many jobs throughout Glasgow & central Scotland with an extremely high level of customer satisfaction.

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These are pics of completed rough casting and pebble dashing jobs with some before and after pics